Business goal

    Our team assures a complete and unique IT&C services. Our area of expertise covers anything from simple desktop configuration to highly complex virtualization environments. When you are working with us, you don't need to worry about needing somebody else for shipping equipment, patch cords, configuring routers or integrating Active Directory into you`re network. We are continuously making investment in bringing latest technology up front. For us the quality of services, equipment and bringing the latest technology to our customers is crucial. We do not make simple e-commerce, we offer complete solutions.


    Our company history started back in 1997. With over 14 years of experience, we are continuously expanding our area of expertise, proudly being consulted by academic, enterprise and military clients as well as simple home users.

    We are holding a complete hardware and software portofolio and we are offering an unique list of services, dedicated to our customers. These services involves anything from acquisition to implementation. We are always dedicated to our customers, providing the best quality-price solutions available in the market which satisfies our client needs.

    Over the years we made partnerships with companies like HP, Fujitsu, DELL, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Intel, AMD, Kingston, D-Link, Microsoft, BitDefender, Panda Security. Constantly investing in having certified employees for managing the top brands sales and presales policies, service and system architect solutions, we are currently recognized as certified for HP, Fujitsu, D-Link, Panda Security, Intel and Brother. Also, we have the benefit of being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 27001 certified, recognized worldwide.

    Our company values are the quality of services, client relationship based on trust and partnership, experienced team of specialists in the field of IT & C, creativity and many more.


    Starting 2012, Stream Networks is investing into technology development. Giving so, we are currently starting, maintaining and implementing a series of projects born inside Stream Networks' walls. Below lies an up to date list of those projects.

Stream Networks


    This project is aimed to offer a complete browsing experience for Stream Networks' customers. Our customers already benefit from a dedicated presentation website of Stream Networks company with an up to date information database and a completely modern shop section.

    The shop section offers a professional e-commerce experience with high quality only products, daily stock availability and price updates.

More information comming soon.

Stream Networks Virtualization Solution

    We believe that virtualization is the future of IT infrastructure. We have people that make use of the virtualization technology on they're home computers, companies with this type of infrastructure and universities looking forward into implementing it.

    We also know that virtualization is not always the best option to consider. Here at Stream Networks we are making this thing possible.

More information comming soon.


    We are highly recommended by our clients, however there are other ways to recommend ourselves to the general public. Here is just a glimpse of what Stream Networks achieved during the years.

ISO 9001 Certified

Certified ISO 9001 by ALL CERT SYSTEMS. Available until 16.04.2017.

ISO 14001 Certified

Certified ISO 14001 by ALL CERT SYSTEMS. Available until 16.04.2017.

ISO 18001 Certified

Certified ISO 18001 by ALL CERT SYSTEMS. Available until 16.04.2017.

ISO 27001 Certified

Certified ISO 27001 by ALL CERT SYSTEMS. Available until 16.04.2017.

NCAGE Certified

NATO economic agent code, from 19.12.2007, signed by Biroul National de Codificare (MAPN).

Microsoft Partner

Excelence in Leadership for selling genuine Microsoft Software and Hardware Solutions.

Hewlett-Packard Gold Partner 2008 - 2011

Being a Gold HP Prefered Partner means to be able to offer complete HP solutions and system integration. This is a token of our hard work and devotion.

Fujitsu Select Partner 2010 - 2012

Since 2010 we started being a Fujitsu Select Partner for Mobility, Server and Storage. We are keeping up with Fujitsu equipment and solutions, by renewing our certifications yearly.

D-Link Network Solutions Provider

Being recognized for a best price-quality networking products, D-Link offers training for it's equipment. Stream Networks is one of it's graduates.

Allied Telesis Authorized Reseller

Graduate of Allied Telesis International authorized reseller training on october 2009.

Lenovo Registered Business Partner 2011

Since 2011 we hare registered as a Lenovo Business Partner.

Intel Gold Technology Provider

Starting this year we got involved in the Intel Gold Technology Provider partnership.

Seagate Partner Program Member

We are being recognised in the Seagate Partner Program since 2012.

Personal Computing Gold Specialist 2013

HP Personal Computing Gold Specialist for the current year.

Professional Storage Gold Specialist 2013

HP Professional Storage Gold Specialist for the current year.

AMD Select Fusion Partner

AMD is pleased to recognize Stream Networks as a Select Member of the AMD Fusion Partner Program.